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how to perform a party?

Tonight: facing the public

Thu. 15th 8.30p.m.  at AundV  Lütznerstr. 30, 04177 Leipzig #Get the public | screening + discussion | with Eleni Froudariki (EL), Judith Lavagna (FR), Gruppe ohne Namen (DE), Aneta Stojnic (RS), Lenka Kalafutova (SK), Teona Micevska (MK) a.o. on intervention in public space


8.30 p.m at Aund V | PUNKS NOT UNDEAD – What is Punk and Hip Hop today? | lecture, screening and discussion with the artist group BANKA BOBOV from Murmansk, Russia and the Punk Rap Combo RADICAL HYPE from Bremen, Germany | 10. p.m. at Goldener Bürgersteig | Concert with RADICAL HYPE    

Ruined images

# Mo. 12th 8:30p.m. Ruined images | videoart screening + discussion | with Danielle Shworts (IL), Isidora Ilic (RS) a.o. | AundV Projekt und Hörgalerie

Hip-Hop-Partisan as a cultural Free space?

# Tue. 13th 10:00p.m. Concert with Radical hype (DE) | Hip-Hop-Partisan as cultural Free space | concert + discussion | What are the possibilities of Rap music as an alternative political Instrument? | Goldener Bürgersteig |


Watch out! PUNKS NOT UNDEAD! Tuesday – 8.30 p.m at AundV See our public events!


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