Events platforma 2011

Mo, 12th, 8:30p.m. | Ruined images | videoart screening and discussion | AundV | with media artists Danielle Shworts (IL), Mohamed Alaa, Isidora Ilić

Mo, 12th, 22:00p.m. | ◯ (Aachen, DE) | concert | Goldener Bürgersteig |

Tue, 13th, 8:30p.m. »Punks not undead« | lecture: Alexandr Borisov (RU) is reading from his novel „Jegorkas Bylinen“| AundV

Tue, 13th, 10:00p.m. Radical Hype (DE) | »Hip-Hop-Partisan as cultural Free space« | concert and discussion | Goldener Bürgersteig

Thu., 15th 8.30pm „Get the public« | screening and discussion | with Eleni Froudariki (EL), Judith Lavagna (FR), Gruppe ohne Namen (DE), Lenka Kalafutova (SK), Teona Micevska (MK) and others on intervention in public space and selforganized subculture

Fr., 16th 8.30pm | »school is over« | discussion | AundV | Aims, conditions, methods and tools of self education. With Isidora Ilić & Aneta Stojnić (RS), Ufo Universität (DE) and others

Sa.,17.09, 11.00 a.m. »platforma WALK« | starting at AundV | exhibition tour together with international guests around Plagwitz/Lindenau and Markkleeberg (EEG, Neukoniakow, Praline, Konsoom, Gieszerstr. 16 and Agra-Museum Markkleeberg).

Sa.,17.09 – 5:00 PM | »Living on the Edge – Visiting Outback« | Opening and Discussion | Agramuseum Markkleeberg

Sa.,17.09 – 9:00 PM | Concert: Subvasion (guts pie earshot + L.N/A) | Raum der Kulturen, Engertstraße 23

Sa., 17.09. 0.00 | How to perform a party? | Final Party with Gruppe ohne Namen