Mohamed Alaa (EG), Heba Amin (EG/DE)Yvonne Anders (DE), Falk Beyer (DE), Aleksandr Borisov (RU), Pablo Castro (NO)Center for Contemporary Art Voronesh, RU ( Ilya Dolgov, Ivan Gorshkov), Juliane Döhler (DE), Nora Feigl (HU), Free Theatre Brest, BY (Oxana and Sergey Haiko), Gregory Frolov (RU), Eleni Froudariki (DE/EL), Mandy Gehrt (DE), Andrea Günther (DE), Martin Haufe (DE), Gregor Henker (DE), Steffi Hensel (DE), Isidora Ilic (RS), Ariane Jedlitschka (DE), Deborah Jeromin (DE), Lenka Kalafutova (UK/SK), Tatyana Kisel (BY), Ivan Kondratenko (RU), Olga Korkonosova (RU), Boris Krumnow (DE), Tanja Kulbakina (RU), Alexis Kunze (DE), PUBLIC ART WORKER (Julia Kurz, DE), Jan Langhammer (DE), Judith Lavagna (FR), Teona Mikevska (MK), Ahmed Moez (EG), Nadine Moser (DE), Alexandra Neufeld (DE), Ivan Nelipa (RU), Natalya Nosenko (RU), Regina Nurbakova (RU), Zhanna Ponomarenko (RU), Marcel Raabe (DE), Radical Hype (DE) (Ben Knapp, Ivo Warmers), Thomas Richter (DE), Philipp Rödel (DE), Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach (ES), Marike Schreiber (DE), Luise Schröder (DE), Linda Schymanski (DE), Danielle Shworts (IL)Aneta Stojnic (RS), Subvasion (guts pie earshot + L.N/A, DE/CH), Aurel Tar (RO), Ufo University (DE), Nadezhda Vorobjeva (RU), Valerie Waldow (DE), Carolin Wendel (DE), Oleg Zhuravlev (RU)


Youth Human Rights Movement Murmansk | www.gdmmurmansk.ru

MRNGYO «Youth Humanistic Movement» exists since 2003. The main aims of the organization are the following:

· spread of humanistic moral values, tolerance, solidarity, democracy among the youth

· counteraction to any form of xenophobia and discrimination

· forming an active civic attitude of the youth.

We are trying to achieve these aims with the help of cultural, educational and research projects, most of them are international.

The main foreign partners of our organization are Rosa Luxemburg Fund and Projekthaus Potsdam Babelsberg (Germany). We also established cooperation with NGOs within the Barents Region countries, the Baltic Region countries and the counties participating in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

In Russia we successfully cooperate with Murmansk Region Youth Affairs Department. At the same time, we develop a network with other regional youth organizations.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | www.rosalux.de

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today and sees itself as part of the intellectual current of democratic socialism The foundation evolved from a small political group, “Social Analysis and Political Education Association“, founded in 1990 in Berlin into a nationwide political education organisation, a discussion forum for critical thought and political alternatives as well a research facility for progressive social analysis.


Jugendbildungsnetzwerk bei der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | www.jubinetz.org

The Youth Education Project at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is an open network of individuals and organisations involved in the political education of young people. We come together to carry on practical work with young people as our target group and to search for a context in which critical thought can be given to the ‘political’ and the ‘left’ in our education work. We regard our network as a political project. Our aim is to operate on an equal footing, keep hierarchies to a minimum in making decisions and exercise mutual respect in the light of the different conditions affecting our cooperation.


AundV Projekt- und Hörgalerie | www.aundv.org

The Project-Gallery „A&V“, founded in September 2007, is an independent art-space and belongs to a network of independent art-spaces in Leipzig Lindenau. The space is is maintained by artists with different foci and is used as an exhibition-, living- and working-space.


AG Lateinamerika and Zusammen y Misturados | (Coordination BiKo, Erfurt, Germany) | www.arranca.de

We understand ourselves as a open, manifold and free association of people. In order to obtain equal rights for all and a environmental compatible and social way of life and economy, we pursuit an exchange of artistic and cultural forms of resistance and expressions, which inform about social mechanisms and sensitize the people. We declare our solidarity with all forms of bottom-up organisations, which break down borders and fight against capitalism in all its forms of exploitation and oppression with creativity, love and vigour. We take a critical view on the globalization in its contemporary form and the parliamentarianism too. In a long-term process we want to build a world without sexist, racist and anti-Semitic behaviour. We endeavor  to reflect our own hierarchies self-critically, and to create socio-cultural open spaces, in which we network worldwide with people, who want to live a similar vision. Therefore we develop projects, which enable an exchange of experiences across continental borders.

The BiKo (Bildungskollektiv – ‘educational collective’) makes the effort not to be content with the present circumstances and not to let ourselves become paralysed by our powerlessness. Keeping this in mind we as an educational association want to try to both stay in the tradition of emancipatory movements and to reflect the history of these movements critically.


platforma11 FORUM is a public event series hosted and supported by EKLAT Sachsen | eklat.blogsport.de



WEITWINKEL Kunst.Kultur.Politik | Kunst und Kultur als Anknüpfungspunkte für politische Bildung, 19.-25. September 2011, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Berlin

Essential Existence Gallery |  www.eexistence.de


Praline | praline.leipzig




Hinz und Kunzhinzundkunzleipzig