# Living on the Edge | public space, Youth center “Spinne” and Agramuseum Markkleeberg

What about diversity and tolerance in a small town or village? Can you find only tourism and Front garden cosiness here – instead of urbanism and attractions for the youth?
We would like to exchange our experiences about life situations, conditions and problems in different locations. Our aim is to discuss the interrelationship between the environment and attitudes of the inhabitants in case of tolerance and diversity.
We can discuss, research and develop strategies what to do against xenophobia, how to create new attractions for young people, how to produce a democratic setting. These topics could be the basement for a public exhibition, presentated in a mobile on the street.

Watch out for the Blog: http://livingontheedgemarkkleeberg.posterous.com/

# an artspace as an interactive sculpture | praline offspace

Praline is a small off-space in Leipzig Lindenau with the main concept of reflecting the architecture and interior design of the building itself in the exhibition process. The building with 15qm has a large shop window to the Street and the walls outside and inside are wood panelled. watch out: www.praline-leipzig.de

The off-space could be used as a meeting place, kiosk, exhibition space, sculpture, a communication tool, interactive house, billboard, …

the praline-working group has the possibility to meet and work in a studio in its neighborhood, the independent Artspace Neukoniakow for planning an event, exhibition, performance, lecture, public action or whatever inside, in front or behind the “Praline”.

During platforma11 the working group developed the installation “Behind the Laminat”. See some pics on www.praline-leipzig.de

# Building Networks | konsoom offspace

This working group could be an exchange about possibilities and methods of self-organized, global, non-hierarchical, networking between artists, cultural and political activists.

A lot of paticipants of platforma11 are initiators or members in different digital, global or local networks. But what are the conditions, aims, methods, tools? And how to continue? Maybe some of you might be interested to join and create this working group – and maybe create a link or connection to the networking-project „Utopia attractor“* of the Artspace EEG.


# open – stage – forum – theater meets…? | project gieszerstr.

Gieszer 16 is a self organized cultural centre on an former factory. It aims at supporting emancipatory ways of life and social criticism. For more than 10 years now, the project provides ateliers, exhibition spaces, rehearsal and concert rooms and housing, is home of the net-label G16, and established a substantial alternative to the urban reorganization processes in Leipzig’s West.


The working group in a room of Projekt Gieszer 16 is coordinated by 2 members of „Aktionstheater Halle“, a Free Theater Group from Halle/Germany. The main interest of the group is communication and reflection about social topics through interactive, participative theater methods, especially the methods of the „Theater of the Oppressed“ (Augusto Boal), for example Forum Theater and Street Theater. During Platforma11 all interested participants are invited to bring in different interests, backgrounds and working methods to this group, to develop new formats of interaction, discussion and intervention.

# how to exhibit an open process? | AundV artspace

The Project-Gallery „A&V“, founded in September 2007, is an independent art-space and belongs to a network of independent art-spaces in Leipzig Lindenau. The space is is maintained by artists with different foci and is used as an exhibition- living- and working-space.


A&V will be the host of the “conference-centre” of Platforma11. As a public, self-organized exhibition and event platform it will function as both, network map for the different working groups and medium of process presentation. Hence, it can be information desk, room for networking and public events, as well as an continuously changing exhibition place reflecting the developments of the overall processes within the working groups and Platforma11.

# videosport extended: Excuse me, what does capitalism mean?

watch the short documentary shot during platforma11: www.aboutcapitalism.wordpress.com

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